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Tongue Piercing Infection Pictures, Treatment & How to Tell

Do you have an infected tongue piercing? What are the signs and symptoms you will notice or how do you tell if your tongue piercing is infected? What about treatment options? It is a fact that over the past few decades, tongue piercing has become popular among people from all walks of life. If you are considering such a piercing, you need to ensure you take good care of your piercing to avoid any infection since your tongue is a very sensitive area.

Together, let us explore the causes, signs, treatment options, how to clean an infected pierced tongue and much more.

Is my tongue piercing infected? What caused it

Healthy and trendy looking tongue piercing
Healthy and trendy looking pierced tongue

Your mouth is a host to many bacteria, both the symbiotically beneficial and pathogenic ones. This should not scare you because, according to NHS Choices “tongue piercings carry a small risk of bacterial infection, despite the high number of bacteria present inside the mouth.”

The prevalence or tongue piercing infection rate stands at “an estimated 20% infection rate of intraoral piercing” [examiner.com].

From the above facts, it is obvious that the chances of getting tongue ring infections are low. However, this does not rule out its occurrence completely. Therefore, you should ensure proper oral hygiene, whether you have a piercing or not. Infected tongue rings are often caused by some of the pathogenic bacteria which might be as a result of many reasons that include:

  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Dirty piercing conditions and the use of contaminated piercing equipment
  • Touching your piercing with dirty hands
  • Poor aftercare
  • Trauma and injuries

To reduce the chance of an infection, “it would be wise to brush your teeth or cleanse your mouth before asking for a tongue piercing” [nhs.uk].

Life threatening infections

Normal infections should not worry you much. There are some life threatening and potentially dangerous infections you might develop which include:

Ludwig’s angina

This is caused by bacteria common on your mouth surface and below your tongue which is characterized by “difficulty speaking, eating, swallowing, experience drooling, and develop a fever or chills” [examiner.com]. In some cases, a swollen tongue can block your airway. Ludwig’s angina can also causes neck pain, swelling and redness.


This occurs if a bacteria or other pathogenic organisms enters your blood stream and live on the lining of hour heart and valves and thus damaging it. Such an infection can enter your blood stream through your pierced tongue.

Severe brain infection (brain abscesses)

In 2010, Huffington Post reported brain infection with Streptococcus intermedius which is normally found on the upper respiratory track and mouth in two victims who had undergone tongue or oral piercings i.e. the” bacterium is part of the normal flora of the mouth and upper respiratory tract, but when the germ gets inside the body it forms life-threatening abscesses in the liver, brain or inner lining of the heart” [huffingtonpost.com].

Tongue piercing infection pictures, images and photos

To help you see some of the signs of an infected pierced tongue, we have included a few photos, one below and others in the article. Check them out.

An Infected tounge piercing picture
Pierced tough infection

Of course, by carefully looking at these infected tongue piercing images, you should be able to tell if you have a similar problem or not.

Signs of infected tongue piercing, symptoms and Dangers

A pierced tongue will take about 6-8 weeks to heal completely. This period might be shorter for some people while in others, it might be take slightly longer. During the first one or two weeks after the procedure, swelling, and a little irritation is normal. This might not indicate you have an infection.

However, when you an infected tongue ring, here are some symptoms that are likely to appear during the healing process or even after years. Don’t be surprised if you have an infected tongue piercing after 5 years.

Tongue swelling and tenderness

The first way to tell if the piercing on your tongue is infected is swelling and tenderness. We have already mentioned swelling as something expected immediately after you have your piercing. However, if this persists and makes talking or swallowing difficult, you need to get medical attention since your tongue ring might be infected.

Redness and inflammation

The second tongue piercing infection symptoms is redness. You expect mild redness immediately after the procedure and it should disappear after a few days. However, if the swelling worsens, has inflammation and/or it is painful, you might be having infection.


Tongue piercing bleeding - Risks and Complications of Tongue Piercing
bleeding can be dangerous

The other sign of an infected pierced tongue is bleeding. Be careful about bleeding since it can be one of the tongue piercing dangers i.e. you might have a punctured vein. As NHS Choices notes, in their article on ‘Risks Associated with Body Piercings’ notes, “bleeding from the vein under the front of the tongue can also occur if the piercing is too close to it.”

Although some bleeding is expected and it is normal, if there is a lot of bleeding or bleeding after healing process is complete and you did not get injured, it could point out the possibility of an infection or the piercing needle might have gone through a vein.

Discharge like pus and discoloration

If you have a whitish discharge, this is normal. However, in case of a “yellow or green discharge from the piercing site” [webmd.com], you need to seek medical attention immediately to avoid spread since it is a likely sign of an infection.

Other common signs of tongue piercing infection you should be wary of include:

  • Low level fever that persists after a piercing
  • “A pimple-like abscess on the piercing site [webmd.com]
  • Tissue darkening and thickening around the piercing site as well as some scarring and formation of a tissue scar
  • Allergic reactions which are commonly caused by the jewelry used.
  • Increased flow of saliva

These are some of the ways on how to tell if your tongue piercing is infected. I hope anyone who had the question “how do I know if my tongue piercing is infected” has been adequately answered.

Tongue piercing infection bump

Tongue Piercing infection bump or bubble
bump or bubble

Sometimes you might get a bump on the pierced tongue which could also be as a result of your infection. It can be treated using saline solution and other treatments we will discuss afterwards.

How to treat an infected tongue piercing, treatments

The infected piercing treatment option you will opt for will depend on the extent of infection as well as what could be behind it. If you notice any serious infection, you need to see your doctor for diagnosis. This will confirm the cause of your infection and make treatment easier. Generally, here is how to treat an infected tongue piercing:

By use of antibiotics

In case the cause of your infection is bacteria. You should be given oral antibiotics. However, you need to get a diagnosis before the doctor can prescribe the right antibiotics.

Sea salt + water

A mixture of sea salt and water is effective in treating infected tongue rings at their initial stages. Ensure you rinse or gargle your mouth with this saline solution after every meal. If you want to make your own saline solution, mix a half a teaspoon of sea salt with 8 ounces of water.

Other treatments can might be helpful in treating an infected tongue ring include

  • The use of alcohol free mouth washes such as Listerine. Do not use hydrogen peroxide since it can cause crusting.
  • Try warm salty water compress
  • To reduce swelling or pain, chew small ice chips

How to clean an infected tongue piercing and prevention

As you continue with treatment, you need to ensure you clean your piercing to speed up the healing process. Since the piercing is in your mouth, the best way to clean it is using saline solution (a mixture of sea salt and water). This solutions will be good during healing process or even for case of piercing ring infection after years.

After you have brushed your teeth and done other routine dental and mouth washing procedures, you should rinse your mouth sea salt and water mixture. Do this after every meal. This will accelerate the healing process as well as treat minor infections that are at their early stages.

When cleaning using sea salt and water mixture, ensure you remove all the food particles around your piercing during the cleaning process.

To help prevent infection, stop drinking coffee, alcohol or smoking cigarettes. Furthermore, avoid foods that have a lot of spices or those that cause irritations such mashed bananas, potatoes, cold soups, etc.

Also, avoid oral sex or kissing during the healing process as this can introduce a lot of germs into your mouth that can cause an infection.

Finally, you need to ensure you use a tooth brush with soft bristles to avoid injuring your tongue ring piercing.

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  1. Consider going for dental or mouth guards to protect your tongue. See more details on tongue chewing http://www.rdhmag.com/articles/print/volume-33/issue-8/columns/tongue-chewing.html

  2. Hello, i wanna take your opinion regarding my tongue piercing, there’s this strange soft skin tiny bubble, it was white now it’s yellow, near the piercing, i’m worried it might be an infection, although it doesn’t hurt, and this is my 4th day

  3. i want to take your opinion on my tongue piercing, it’s the 4th day, and i’m worried it might be infected, although there’s no pain, here is a picture http://postimg.org/image/xmu4gh1l7/

    • It seems you have a lump around the piercing site (or excess skin hanging out from the piercing site) and it is the normal dead skin being shed off from the piercing site. It will only be an early sign of infection if you have a thick yellow or greenish discharge. It being a fourth day, you need not to worry much.

      Ensure you clean the area around the piercing as close to the piercing site as possible. Your tongue seems white especially towards the back of the tongue which is an indication you are not thoroughly cleaning it or you have oral thrush. Gently clean your tongue piercing with saline solution (sea salt and water). After cleaning, check to see if the color is still yellow since it could be from the food you are eating or a sign of infection.

      If it persists after the 10th day, you can visit your piercer to replace your jewelry with a slightly shorter one since it could be sliding freely and thus pushing dead skin through your piercing hole.

    • Was you tongue infected I have the same bump on mines.

  4. My tongue started turning white on the top and i wanted to know how to treat it

    • Its most probably you have oral thrush. We will be doing something on white tongue. When it is ready, I will notify you.

  5. I’ve got a bump on the top of my tongue next to the piercing and it’s quite tender and red but do not see any sort of discharge . I was wondering if this is an infection or just part of the healing process ? It is the fourth day

  6. Hi I had a sore throat that turned of to be strep! I going to to doctor now. But before I got sick I had my tongue pierced about two weeks ago. I was cleaning and brushing regularly. But now my top back gums are swollen and I have red lines coming out of my piercing on the bottom. I can’t swollow. Could my tongue have gotten infected from my “cold”

    • It is very likely that your swollen top back gums are due to strep (streptococcal bacteria) and your piercing could have been infected too. Kindly see a health care professional for further diagnosis and treatment.

  7. Hello I’ve recently noticed I have a white circle surrounding my left tongue peircing it hurts and has a lump with no discharge my right side is perfectly fine though could it be just scar tissue or is it infected?

  8. I got my piercing 3 days ago is it normal for a tiny bit of blood to come out, the man never told me how to clean it he said the saliva will do the job, I’m able to eat normal food but there’s white all over my tounge, should I take it out?

  9. I got my piercing over 4-5 weeks ago Im noticing a bubble on the bottom of my tongue and I’m starting to notice weird red spots in the back of my tongue and a little closer to my tongue piercing nothing hurts at all but I’m just wondering is it fatal

    • Kindly see a doctor for examination and early treatment to avoid further spread. It is likely you have an infection.

  10. Yes hi my name is becky an I just have a ? I just got my tongue pierced two days ago I had to have it done twice in less than 5 hours because the first lady who did it pierced it massively crooked an then I went back in a had to get it repierced an now it’s a lot better but now I have noticed on the top an bottom there is a white creamy thick discharge an I was wondering if that would be infection or if it’s a healing process? Please help tongue does not hurt just the underneath were the barbell hits the back gums behind bottom teeth!

  11. I’ve had my tongue pierced for almost 3 years. For 3 days my tongue has been swollen, I’m in quite a bit of pain and I could barely swallow, the swelling has gone down a little bit but the pain is still there. I’ve noticed redness on the bottom of my tongue around the piercing, could it be infected after having it for so long? I brush my teeth just like everyone else, I’m confused.

    • Any piercing can get infected at any time. Having healed completely does not mean you cannot get infected. Begin treatment immediately to reduce chances of the infection spread. Also ensure you use good quality jewelry.

  12. I got my tongue pierced on may 22 but I got a double tongue piercing & I constantly wash it as directed but I’m worried it might start getting infected, its not swollen, nor painful, I can eat & talk perfectly fine but I do have some what a lisp now because of the two but I have not seen any puss, but I dont know if I’m just paranoid but my tongue looks slightly really light purple but then again every time I rinse it it looks normal again, I never really looked at the color of my tongue before until now.?

  13. Hello , so my tongue is priced and there is a greenish yellow discharge that I can squeeze out. It’s not a lot of discharge and my tongue is not swolen and dosent hurt . should I be concerned? What should I do ?

    • Greenish yellow discharge is a sign of bacterial infection. It might be in its initial stages. I would recommended you clean it with saline solution and it does not stop after a few days, see a doctor.

  14. Please help. The 15 july i got my tongue ring .. It was crooced and had a white bumb. At day 13 i went to another piercer and he said i should take it out immediatly. So i did and waited until the 9 th of september and got a new one. The guy said i have a really short tongue but he can still do it. He said that the previous hole isnt healed yet properly and it made a sort of rock inside my tongue. He pushed through it, it hurt like hell, and dor the forst twondays my tongue was pretty good. Not as sore as the previous one either but on night2 i started tasting blood the whole time and the next morning it made a blood lumb on the nottom and top. During the day i saw it going crooked again so i wrnt back. He told me i should take ot out agian it shouldnt do that or look like that. So i did. But now im scared it will make even a biggger rock like lumb inside my mouth where the whole was. It feels like that. Its still not healed entirely but what should i do?

    • You might be allergic to the jewelry or you have an infection. I would recommend you visit a doctor for examination

  15. Hi I had my tounge pierced less then 48 hours ago I was able to talk normal now I’m struggling my throat is really sore my pircing is uncomfortable my ear on my right side of hurting don’t now if it’s connected I’ve been cleaning as I was told plus been using salt water now and again and it looks like around the top I have like this possible scab is it normal

    • A sore throat can be the cause of your earache. Without speculating, it could be possible you have a throat infection. Kindly see your doctor for further diagnosis.

  16. Hello. I got my tongue done yesterday (18th September) and my tongue has only just swollen today. This is the second time I’ve had the tongue pierced. I was just wondering if the white/ yellow distrage would be normal and Im drooling all the time thanks

  17. I got my tongue pierced just under two weeks ago. I can eat if I’m careful and can talk perfectly fine. It doesn’t hurt at all and I don’t think it’s swollen. On the top around the hole, there seems to be some skin that’s kind of sticking up but it’s not a lump. It isn’t red or anything it’s just this little bit of skin that’s sticking up in front of my bar.

    • Did it go down by its self or did you have to do something??I have tthe same thing right now and it’s white but it’s not puss or anything I think it’s tissue but I’m not sure

      • I have that same thing going on it’s a little piece of tongue skin. It’s very soft and white. Is it infected or will it go away?

  18. I got my tongue pierced 2 days ago and I’m feeling good. No more bleeding, or discharge, but my throat feels sore and I noticed like a gland has swelled up and hurts when I touch it. Is this a sign of infection! But my tongue looks healthy

  19. So I got my tongue pierced 3 days ago, it hurts barely and look very healthy. It’s still swollen, but my throat feels sore, and I’ve noticed that I have like a gland swollen and hurts when I touch it. Is this an infection?

  20. I have my tongue piercing for about a month now. It’s my second tongue piercing, but I’m experiencing pain when my tongue ring slide against the interior of my tongue. The previous tongue piercing closed due to infection. It has slightly yellowish discharge, is it infected again?

    • Yellow discharge is a sign of a bacterial infection. I would recommend you see a doctor instead of trying to treat it at home.

  21. I’m scared my toung is infected

  22. I got my tongue done 3 days ago i still can’t tlk properly the swelling is going down but I have a stinging tingling pain in tip of tongue n around the bar but I have noticed a ulcer looking thing around the bottom bar is this a infection?

    • Three days is too early to conclude whether it is an infection or not. Continue with your aftercare routine especially cleaning twice a day with saline solution for a few more days. If it does not improve, see your piercer or a doctor.

  23. Hi , i got my tongue piercing 4 days ago and my neck recently started hurting it feels like i have a bruise and when i turn my head around it really hurts , my tongue is also yellow & to top it off i am also getting headaches frequently:(…???

  24. Have you been cleaning your tongue too? It could be a source of infection.

  25. My two year old tongue piercing has white stuff coming out of it feels a little weird but otherwise fine no swelling or discoloration is this normal…

  26. Could dehydration contribute to it? And can it clear up with mouth wash and salt with water, I went to the doctor few days ago said nothing was wrong though there was non of the little bit of white that’s coming out…

  27. Can it be cured with mouth/ salt and water.. Went to the doc few days ago said nothing was wrong though non of the little bit of white that’s coming out was there..what could possibly have caused this while maintaining hygiene?

    • Keep good oral hygiene by carefully brushing your teeth and tongue before cleaning the area around the piercing with saline solution (salt and water). The whitish appearance could be part of normal healing process.

  28. Hello,could you please help me? I got my tongue pierced 12 days ago. I am very aware I made a lot of mistakes (got drunk in the first 24h after getting it done, had oral sex 3 days later, used mouthwash with alcohol in it). But it has been healing fine, the swelling has gone down completely and I can talk and eat normally. I’ve been takinh ipobrufen to prevent infection but stopped a couple days ago and since then a small bump has appeared at the top of my tongue. It is kind of hard when I touch it and it hurts slightly, no redness or weird color discharge. Can it be an infection or is it normal? Can it be because the bar is too long now that the swelling has gone down? Should I downsize the bar or is it too soon? Thank you

    • Try cleaning your bump with sea salt solution. Use it after brushing your teeth. It is too soon to downsize your bar. I would recommend you visit your piercer to advice you accordingly since a too tight or loose bar is not advisable.

    • Hey me and my cousin and friend got our tongues done me and my cousin changed our bars the next day as they was swelled ours never got infected or anything and he drank and everything same night getting it done my friend left the long bar in and got infected and got a numb my advice is change your bar and clean with listerine and salt water 2 times a day

  29. My tongue is hard both on the bottom and top around my piercing and I have white around my piercing it is day 5. Is this just part of the healing process or infection?

    • on the 5th day, whiteness without any redness or pus is a normal sign of healing. Ensure you follow your after care routine to avoid instances of infections.

  30. My tongue is hard on both the bottom and top and has white stuff around my piercing not yellow or green. Could this still be an infection?

  31. I got my tongue piercing in March and it’s been like 7 months and I have this little white treerhing in front of it and it doesn’t hurt or anything but it looks wierd. I don’t have any sort of pus or anything it white from the top but when I take of the piercing to clean it under it is still the color of my tongue . I don’t know if it’s tissue or something it really doesn’t bother me but it looks wierd when I show people my tongue. And if it is infected what can i do ?? So it won’t get worse and so it can take off!? I had the same thing happen to the bottoms of my tongue but it went away in a week or so but this one taking a lil longer it’s about to 2 weeks poops help

    • It could be a tissue scar developing. Kindly clean it with saline solution and dilute tea tree oil. If it does not disappear, see your piercer for further advice.

  32. Hi I’ve taken my tongue piercing out and part of it won’t heal now there are white spots and I think it’s infected, should I go to the doctor or just keep cleaning it??

  33. Hi , i got my tongue pierced 12 days ago and a white discharge was coming out wich i was told it was normal … I didn’t brush my teeth till 3 days later cause i thought using non alcoholic mouth wash was okay . and also just rinsed my mouth after kissing my boyfmouthwith the mouth wash … I ate solid foods the 2nd day, everything was fine till 4 days ago i got like a red lil bump around the bottom of my piercing and a lot of white stuff comes out its a lil bit yellow but more like white … I been cleaning it with iodized salt since yesterday …. And i take the white stuff out but sometimes its a lil bit hard and i cant get it off until alot of it gets accumulated around it … Do you think its infected ?

    • It is clear your piercing is infected. Only a clear (colorless) discharge is a sign of normal healing. Kindly see a doctor as soon as possible before it worsens

  34. my tongue hurts after been pierced 8 months ago, is that suppose to happen ? or is because the ring i have in is the long one could that be it ?

    • Typically after at most 6 months your piercing should have totally healed. The reasons for your hurting tongue could be a number ranging from it getting infected to using a wrong ring material that cause allergies to and wrong size of jewelry size. Ensure your jewelry is made from stainless steel or titanium and it is not too loose or too tight.

  35. Hi, It’s been 4 days since I got my tongue pierced. In the beginning part of my tongue was white and now it’s yellow, does that mean it’s infected. I also had a cold for the past 3 days could that have anything to do with it? If it is infected I can’t go to a doctor cause my parents don’t really know about the piercing. So what should I do?

    • Do you have yellow pus or the area around your piercing has just turned yellow? Have you been cleaning it with saline solution (warm water + sea salt) about three time a day? If not, begin cleaning it and if you do not see any improvement, visit a doctor for further check up.

  36. I just got my tounge pierced like 5 days ago , and I’ve notice on the bottom ball the color is chipping off and my tounge is pelling . it doesn’t hurt . is it because the ball is chipping paint , or should i see my doctor ?

    • Ensure the jewelry is made of only titanium or stainless steel. Secondly, see your pierce to determine if the jewelry is too tight, too lose or getting infected.

  37. You shouldn’t suck cock or eat feces right after you made the piercing.

  38. it’s my 3rd day I’ve had the tongue piercing and i was just laying in bed when it suddenly started hurting and felt like it was kind of sticking instead of moving up and down easily like it has before i went and looked at it in the mirror and it seems there is a little blood and white stuff coming from the piercing it’s not running anywhere it’s just a tiny bit but i’m worried if it’s infected and how i would treat it if it were

    • That might be a sign of minor indication especially with the white stuff coming from the piercing. During normal healing, you expect to have clear stuff and not white. See your piercer or doctor for early diagnosis to confirm if indeed it is an infection.

  39. I’ve had my tongue pierced for about 2 and a bit years, a couple of days ago my tongue swelled up and new too the piercing inside my tongue is a lump and really sore. Is this an infection caused by my tongue piercing? I’ve never had any trouble with it since I got it. I took the bar out and puss like substance come out of the bottom hole.

  40. Hi!
    My toungue has been pierced for about 8 days and there is no discolored discharge, bumps, blood or swelling, but I do have some pain on the left side of my mouth under my tongue. It feels like an irritating pain. Should I be concerned that the piercer may have pierced my tongue wrong, hit a vein or is there a major problem at hand that I should be worried about? Please help!

    • By now, your tongue is healing and a little pain is normal. However, for your irritating pain, it might be a problem with your jewelry or badly pierced piercing. Kindly see your piercer to verify what the problem is.

  41. Hi there,
    I’m on Day 3 of having my tongue piercing. (I got it pierced on the 16th of January). My tongue is very swollen and painful. It’s difficult to talk, swallow, and eat solid foods. It’s also very hard to maneuver my tongue around my mouth. The top of my tongue is slightly discolored yellow as well. No bleeding since Day 1. Yesterday I also noticed I have a whitish spot underneath my tongue by the piercing site. I am not sure whether it was discharge or a tiny bubble/blister, but it is gone today. I have been rinsing with water after everytime I eat and using alcohol-free mouthwash twice a day like the piercer instructed. I also brushed my tongue and teeth gently with toothpaste yesterday and rinsed with warm sea salt water today. Here are three pictures to help you:
    Does it seem infected to you? Please answer because I am quite worried about it.

    • From the photos, your piercing seems to be ok. The little whitish spot is likely to be a bump developing. Give it a few more days with the cleaning routine and if it does not improve, see your piercer

  42. So I just got my tongue pierced last night, it was my first time. I didn’t have much pain but I did notice some numbness on the tip of the right side. Another thing is my tongue was more swollen than yesterday .

  43. Hi I got my tongue pierced about three or four days ago my tongue is white which I believe to be normal but I kind of have a little sweeping ring around the ball of my piercing is it infected or is it just a different version of swelling??

  44. I just got my piercing done today, I feel that I have a cold coming on. I really don’t want my piercing infected. This is my first piercing and the blood that has developed around my piercing already freaked me out. So far since I’ve had my tongue pierced, I have been in a painful stage. I tried to eat. After the attempt. I rinsed my mouth with listerine. I have been sucking ice as well as drinking water. Since the fact that I am coming down with a cold. How can I fully prevent my cold from spreading an infection in my mouth?

  45. Hey I have 3 tongue piercings ?? Got them all at be same time too, kinda crazy. Anyways I had one in the middle before but it wasn’t quite as center n far back as I wanted it, the reason why I had it done in the first place was to gauge it so I can build scare tissue and that would prevent any regrowth once I split it, so I let that heal went to a different shop n had the 3 done, let them heal took care of them are nothing but ice for a week I tend to avoid dairy in general n don’t smoke, every few months I’ll smoke some hookah here n there nothing daily or even monthly really, after sizing up no problems I hit 6g I read that between 6-4g n 4-2g most ppl have a hard time but the problem I’m facing is that under my tongue I have that line that goes thru the middle not sure what it’s called, like a web, they put the middle piercing to the side of that but had it so in the top it’s centered, the piercing on my right hand side n the middle one are pretty close to each other n the right hand one is close to my vein, it healed fine. I started getting pains n sticks here n there n I havnt sized up the middle one in a while cuz i figured it would help to let the hole heal as much as possible. I felt less pain recently, here n there I feel it, but i notice of have like a bump of skin in my righ hand piercing 0.o I kinda wanted to tell someone before I go to a shop n decided what to do. Idk if I should take it off, n that’ll fix it or what it even is? Ps. When I got to 6g it was so close to the right hand ring that they both kinda squeezed on my vein that’s where I noticed most of the pain was from. I have pics can’t post them here for some reason, gaaay anyways if live feed back if u could email or message back n I can send the pics that would a ton

  46. Hi I have had my tounge pierced for 10-years today it felt sore I removed the bar bell and feels like there is a bump in the middle and very sore any idias nothings new

  47. I have a red spot on my tounge the people iv talked to said it was a blister that I should stop talking and eat ice I just got it on the 3rd of this month and I’m like freaking out

  48. I have a red circle around the top of my piercing ,well it’s not fully around just like infront it’s red.. it’s been 7 days since I got it.. is it infected

  49. My tongue piercing is red half around the top of my piercing and it hurts most in the morning or after I eat .. bit other than that it’s fine ..today’s the 7th day of having it pierecd … Is it infected

  50. i got my tongue pierced 2 days ago there is yellow puss coming from the top of the barbell and there is like a red blood blister in front of my tongue . i had one yesterday and i washed my hands and somehow got it to come off after that it was fine but the next morning it was there again and i washed my mouth out with mouth wash and sea salt. i dunno if its infected or not…? i clean it alotttt

  51. hi,
    I got my tongue pierced on Monday the 14th and the swelling still hasn’t gone down very much. my talking is getting a little better. but I also noticed a fever blister on my lip. could this be related to having my tongue piercing or an infection starting or anything?

  52. So I Have This Bump That Is Clear And I Dont Know If Its Infected I Got It Done Yesterday!

  53. I have my tongue piercing like for 1 month now and i didn’t rinse my mouth with mouthwash like for five days and my tongue is like hurting and i don’t know is it because my tongue dry r the tongue ring i just dont know can u plz tell me whats going on

  54. My tongue is sore when I move it other than that it is normal. Is it an infection or could it be something else?

  55. Hey! I had my tongue piercing for almost 4 years without having any problem. 3 days ago I woke up with a totally swollen tongue! I took the piecing out immediately and started saline procedure. My tongue is still swollen, hard where the piercing was and it hurts while eating. Since I’m in China for business I can’t see my doctor.. Shall I go to the hospital or will it swell down in the next days? Thanks for support!

  56. I got my tounge pierced yesterday and I woke up this morning and I’m sick. Should I be worried? What should I look out for?

  57. Hey I got my tongue pierced June 3 and its day 3 and I have this little white bump on my tongue in front on my piercing I was wondering if its infected or not its not red or discharging or anything

  58. Sarah kronbach

    I got my tongue Pierced a week ago on Thursday and one side of the tongue is little larger then the other I can twist it and bite on it without hurting will this hard spot go away when fully healed or would this be an infection no sign of puss or drainage thanks

  59. My husband got his tongue pierced on Friday. Today (Monday) he has a greenish discharge. He says it doesn’t hurt and it’s not swelled. Could we just wait a couple days to see if it clears out should he go in typo the Dr or piercing place he got it done at.

    • Vladmir Kucherov

      That is a likely sign of bacterial infection. Let him see a doctor for diagnosis and treatment before it spreads

  60. My partner got his tongue pierced 3 days ago… still very swelled up,but we’ve just noticed that the bottom ball isn’t visible. We’ve both tried feeling around for it but are unsure weather,what were feeling is the hardness off the ball or just the swelling of the tongue. Also were the bottom ball should be has a white looking discharge but there is no sign of an open hole where the piercing should come through. Please help!!!!

    • The piercing has embedded because the barbell is too short to handle all of the swelling. Return to your piercer and they will be able to switch it out for a longer barbell (they should do it for free as well). Hope that helps. I would go as soon as possible if a thin layer has already formed over the entirety of the bottom ball.
      My current piercings:
      Vertical labret

  61. I got my tongue pierced and whitish yellow discharge started coming from it the 5th day. I am concerned it may be an infection as it is the 10th day and it still has discharge but only after I talk a lot or eat. I am cleaning it as my piercer directed and using a saline solution. My tongue is still swollen but does not hurt at all. Any idea if it is an infection or not?

  62. Veronica Valencia

    Hello its been 4days since my tongue piercing its hurting a bit I have been washing with mouthwash after every meal and have had a clear slightly whitish discharge I haven’t been able to eat solid foods could it be infected ??

  63. Hey I got my tongue pierced almost 2 weeks ago, well tomorrow will be 2 weeks and it was doing just fine it swelling went down and everything until like 3 hours ago it had started to swell again out the blue I was wounding if it could be infected i mean I don’t have any bumps on it, or it doesn’t have any discharge coming out of it, yes I smoke cig but after everytime I get done with one i wash my mouth out with mouthwash and after i get done eating too I just want to know if its infected or trying to get infected its just swelling and red????

  64. Hey I got my tongue pierced almost 2 weeks ago, well tomorrow will be 2 weeks and it was doing just fine it swelling went down and everything until like 3 hours ago it had started to swell again out the blue I was wounding if it could be infected i mean I don’t have any bumps on it, or it doesn’t have any discharge coming out of it, yes I smoke cig but after everytime I get done with one i wash my mouth out with mouthwash and after i get done eating too I just want to know if its infected or trying to get infected its just swelling and red and stings a little unbar my tongue????

  65. Hi just wondering what this looks like to anyone. Iv had it done 4 weeks no pain or swelling just a white bump feels like skin

  66. I feel like the bump on my toungering came from the inside out… should I remove it by pulling it are leave it be…it makes my tounge ring look nasty. I take my jewlry out sometime and clean my piercing but bump still there…it formed after I was brushing my tounge It been about 2 weeks my jewlry is 1 almost 2 months old…I just want this fleshy bump to go down and I want my tounge to heal normally but im not sure let me remind u again it sometimes get red sometimes pink it is a bump that came from inside out my tounge it hangs out my jewlry it dosnt hurt only when I pull on it because it is a piece of my tounge also around my tounge ring it is puffy when u look inside the hole I see hard flesh

  67. Okay I got it done two weeks and two days ago.. idk it’s a mixture of greenish pus and white stuff… it bleeds occasionally but nothing to serious.. and I have a thing of skin in front my tongue ring idk if that’s normal or not.. help..!!!

  68. I got my tongue pierced a week ago! My throat has been swollen, my tongue is whitish yellow, I can’t hardly eatand I feel bumps on my tongue… is it infected?

  69. So this is day five on having my tongue pierced. This morning while I was cleaning it I noticed a skin like thing on my tongue right in front of the bar. It is very soft and can wiggle around and it is white. It was not there anytime before today and I haven’t had any issues with my piercing like no infection, swelling, or discharge discoloration. Everything has been going so perfect and I am cleaning and taking care of it like the instructions say to the T. Can you tell me if it is infected

  70. So I got my tongue pierced yesterday, and there seems to be a puss (very slight amount) coming out of my piercing, I can’t really tell if it’s yellow or off-white. My tongue is kind of brown at the back but I believe that’s because I ate a poutine earlier 😋 I am very scared of infection and I can’t go to a piercer because I live in the middle of no where, I clean it after every meal as well as every 2 hours as my piercer instructed. Is there a possibility that it’s infected after only 1 day?

  71. Hi, I just got my tongue pierced yesterday and today I noticed a little bit of colored slime on the bottom of my tongue at the barbell site. Is it infected?

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