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Infected Septum Piercing Symptoms, Pictures, Bump Care and Treatments

Do you have an infected septum piercing? What caused it and what are some of the symptoms to expect? How does an infected pierced septum look like (pictures and photos) and how do you treat such an infection? What if you have a bump?

Septum piercing, a piercing on the “cartilage wall between the two nostrils” [skin-artists.com] is becoming popular, especially among the younger generation. However, it needs good care to avoid infections or getting hurt since even a minor brush or violet nose blowing can easily hurt it and cause bleeding.

Infected Septum Piercing Symptoms, Pictures, Bump Care and Treatments 2
septum nose piercing accident which can increase chances of infection

In general your piercing on the septum will take about 6-8 months or up to a year to heal completely. During this time, you must take good care of your piercing or else risk getting infections. You can also get infections years after healing is complete.

Is my septum piercing infected? What caused it?

The main causes of septum piercing infection is bacteria and other pathogens. These bacteria or pathogens might be as a result of poor hygiene during piercing process (unsterilized needles), poor aftercare, and poor personal hygiene during the healing process especially by touching the piercing with dirty hands among many other causes.

You might also suffer from infections if you use the wrong jewelry in terms of its size and material. For instance, nickel is known to cause allergic reactions to most people.

Infected septum piercing symptoms

Some of the common infected pierced septum symptoms you are likely to have include the following:

  • Redness around your jewelry that does not disappear after a 2-3 weeks in case of a new piercing
  • Discharge from the piercing, especially yellowing or green pus like discharge
  • Soreness and tenderness especially if you tried to touch the pierced site
  • Bleeding in extreme cases after a few days for a new piercing or on an old piercing
  • Bump on the piercing site
  • Swollen and painful septum. This is normal for the first up to two weeks
  • Crusting

I hope you now know what happens if your pierced septum gets infected and you can easily tell if it is infection or normal healing process for new piercings.

Infected septum piercing pictures

Are you wondering how or what does an infected septum piercing look like. We have deliberately included a few infected pierced septum pictures, one below and others in this article to help you visually see how a piercing on your nose septum might look like when it is infected.

Infected Septum Piercing Symptoms, Pictures, Bump Care and Treatments
Infected pierced Septum without jewelry

How to treat an infected septum piercing

Treating a septum piercing infection is not that easy due to its location. You might need to be a bit creative as you try treating it.  So what are some of the recommended treatments for a septum nose piercing that is infected?

Oral antibiotics and ointments

If you have a severe infection, you need to see your piercer or a doctor for diagnosis and treatment. This is often recommended in cases where the infection seems to have spread beyond the piercing site. After diagnosis, the doctor might recommend oral antibiotics or ointments.

Never use any ointment on a septum nose piercing unless advised so by a doctor because it might affect normal healing and draining of the piercing and thereby result into abscesses.

Sea salt soak

The most common way to treat an infected pierced septum is using a sea salt soak. You need to add about a teaspoon of sea salt into a cup of warm water and use the solution in cleaning the infected piercing site.

A Q-Tip or cotton wool bud will be ideal for cleaning using a sea salt soak. Do this for 5-6 minutes, 2-3 times a day. Ensure you remove any hardened debris and crusts around the piercing since crusting is known to encourage bacterial growth.

Piercing solution

If your pierce gave you a piercing solution, you can also use it in cleaning the pierced site. Many people have reported H2Ocean solution, and H2O Sea Salt spray to be very effective in treating most of body piercing infections

There are other infected pierced septum home remedies you can try such as using chamomile teabags, using 1-2 drops of essential lavender oil, among others.

Infected septum piercing bump

An infected septum piercing bump can also affect you if you do not follow the correct aftercare procedure you are given by your piercer. The bump will be on either side of your pierced septum.

The most recommended way to deal with an infected nose septum piercing is to clean it using saline solution or sea salt soak. Chamomile teabags, tee tree oil and aspirin might also be of some help.

Infected septum piercing care

In addition to treatments, you need to ensure take good care of the infected piercing on your septum. This will ensure you do not suffer from future infections. Some of the good tips for caring for your pierced septum include:

  • Not picking any crusts or scabs around your piercing with your fingers since this can worsen the infection or cause bleeding.
  • Avoid playing with and turning your ring all the time. You should do this about 4 times only just after cleaning the piercing.
  • Quick smoking and do not drink alcohol since they can slow down the healing process
  • Never use alcohol or any product that has alcohol to clean your infected pierced septum
    Infected Septum Piercing Symptoms, Pictures, Bump Care and Treatments - Consequences
    Risks of piercing your septum

After your piercing process is complete, you will also be given some things you are supposed not to do and those you can do. Ensure you follow them to reduce any chances of getting an infection. Negligence can lead to a serious infection that can easily deform your nose.

Dangers of septum piercing

Some of the dangers and risks piercing your septum include fluid and blood build up if the septum is punctured incorrectly and some blood capillaries are broken. Furthermore, there is the risk or possibilities of complications such as nasal septum hematoma which can cause a stuffy nose or congested nose, impair with breathing or even cause a facial deformity.

The above dangers and risks will tend to affect people who go to unprofessional piercers and/or do not take care of their piercing as required. Did you know unsterilized and disinfected needles can also spread deadly diseases such as HIV-Aids?

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  1. Can I still blow my nose? Or will that effect the process of healing?

  2. The first picture you used is not actually an infection, it’s a picture someone posted on the bodypiercing forum a few years back after a bike accident where their septum piercing was knocked and the ball was embedded in their lip. If you’re going to just find random internet pictures, please get your captions right :/

  3. Hello,
    I’ve had my nose septum for about 6 months, it healed fine; after about 5 months it was healed completely. I went to the beach and swam, having no worries about my piercing, but I guess the water and sand Irritated the piercing. After about 2 days I felt soreness when cleaning the area and redness, now I know it’s infected. I’ve been treating the area with saline, peroxide, and aquaphor healing ointment for the past couple of days. Most of the soreness and redness is gone so I highly recommend this form of treatment. Just know even if your piercing is healed it’s always possible for it to become susceptible to infection. Watch out.

    • It wont have been the sea that caused the irritation, as salt water HELPS the healing processes (hence why some peircists will tell you to go in the sea after a fresh piercing). I’ve had my piercing for 5 years and sometimes it just gets infected for no reason. I usually leave mine and then use a small amount of antibiotic cream if and when needed and it heals just fine

      • Have you ever had the bump? And in a way, is it normal for it to get infected sometimes? I’ve only had mine for a few months and i got the bump. Is that normal too? Im kinda scared. Any advice?

  4. I had my septum pierced three days ago and it’s still swollen and red. There was some white slightly yellowish discharge coming out when I pressed on one side and it’s pretty tender. Is this normal for a fresh piercing? If so how long before the SWELLING goes down?

  5. So I had my septum pierced about 2 months ago haven’t had a problem still the last couple of days I noticed it was hurting swollen and red so I went to the doctors and got some anti-biotics and have been taking that but I am really worried it is going to deform my septum should I take it out? Cause I heard it can get worse if you take the piercing out?

    • Have you found out if you can take the piercing out without it getting worse? I’m having the same exact issue and I just want it out!

      • When I got mine done the piercer said to not take the jewelry out if it’s infected cause it could heal over and trap the infection in(which would be hella bad) so maybe just keep taking the antibiotics and leave it in. Good luck

  6. I’ve had my septum pierced for 7 months. I got a head cold recently, and have been blowing and wiping my nose. Last night, my septum got sore. Today, it’s swollen and hurts pretty bad. Any advice?

  7. I have a bump inside my nose? I’ve had my septum foraybe a good month already it feels kinda irritated.. any advise what it could be and what I could do so it could heal?

  8. I have a small bump on the right side of my nose and it’s only irritated on the right side but the left side is completely fine sooooo I’m super confused if is infected or not…. help please?….

  9. I’ve had my piercing since I think December/January (it’s almost the end of march right now) and I didn’t really have any problems with the healing or anything but a weekish ago I (stupidly) plucked the nose hairs by the front of my nostrils/by the piercing (I had no idea that this was a “dangerous” thing to do) and that area has been sorta sore (only when I touch my nose) and I’m not sure if I’ve just caused an infection or not. Like as far as I can tell it’s not pussy but it gets a little tiny bit “crusty” sometimes. Advice? Should I just start soaking it in sea salt water again? Or is that too little too late?

    • Do the sea salt soak. It’s never too late to do sea salt soaks. I’ve had mine for over a year and I still clean mine everyday. It’s also probably just sore because you pulled hairs out, if there’s no pus, it’s most likely not infected.

  10. Hi. I got my septum piercing 3 or 4 weeks ago. I dont see redness but it is a little sore when i touch my nose (push the tip of my nose down for example) and there are some (very little) green discharge that i clean oncce a day… does it mean that my peircing doesnt healing well? Sholud i remove it? Help 🙁

  11. I’ve jade my septum dine since January an it was healing pretty good, but now I have a little soreness an on the left side it has a little redness with tiny veins… Anyone know what it might be?

    • Don’t touch it except for cleaning, wash your hands. I have issues on one side of mine and it’s fully healed. Just clean it with non iodized sea salt solution everyday, it should go away after awhile as it’s fairly new.

      • Also, keep an eye on it and make sure you don’t form a bump. The tiny veins sound similar to hypertrophic scarring but as you didn’t say anything about a lump on it, it’s probably just simply irritation.

  12. Hey, I really have to change my septum to a small black one ASAP, but I just got it pierced yesterday what do I do?

    • If it is completely necessary that you HAVE to change it, go to a piercer. You shouldn’t change it yourself. Really you shouldn’t change it until it’s fully healed (6-8 months).

  13. Chasity Ann Soliz

    Got my septum pierced @3weeks -1month ago
    Soreness..redness has gone away
    I’ve been cleaning it as instructed by piercer!!!
    Over the past cple of days I have a nump on left side and one starting to show on right!!!
    Any advice???
    O my piercer told me to clean with Listerine (green)mouth wash…im confused

    • Do not clean it with mouth wash, it’s not an oral piercing. Clean it with non iodized sea salt solution, and see if the lumps go away. If they don’t, go to the doctor, you may need antibiotics. If they still don’t go away, you may just have to deal with it or remove the piercing.

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