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Contact Us

Do you have any concerns, queries or suggestions? We are delighted to hear from you. Kindly contact us via our email addresses provided below. Any automated e-mails and messages will automatically be deleted by our spam email filters.

admin @ healcure.org
info @ healcure.org


Alternatively you can write us and address your letter to:

Heal Cure Organization 

P.O. Box 57861-00200

Nairobi, Kenya.


Business Hours

Weekday: 8am to 6pm
Sunday: closed


  1. i have a severe cystic acne and it had left me with scars and marks how can i remove my cystic acne scars

    • Vladmir Kucherov

      Sorry for not indicating, that rash is due to fungi i.e. unicellular fungi such as Cryptococcus or multicellular fungi such as dermatophytes

  2. i live in auckland, im looking to get my dermal by my eye removed.. but every doctor centre ive called, they say they dont do them.. i really want it out.. is there any where in auckland-possibly west auckland that removes them without scaring ?

  3. Should I take my eyebrow percing out if my allergic to it, butit hasn’t healed.

  4. I bite my cheek for 3 years.nobody doctor can help me.now my cheek has black spot. Vry much pain. Bad smell.save me.

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